“Motherhood and Mother Duckie”

“Motherhood – the state of being a mother.”

“Mother hen –  person who fusses over others in an overprotective manner.”

We had a hen and two ducks that had their eggs hatched.  We have secured the hen and one duck within an enclosure with much effort, to give them protection from the coming hailstorm. One duck was happily nesting under a bush so we thought the ducklings were safe.  We saw how this mother duck protected her ducklings from wind and chill. So all good for Mother Duckie

The morning after the 2nd stormy night, i saw Mother Duckie circling around her nest,   I went out to check and did not see her ducklings, Brian and I looked around the yard and found nothing.  I went out to the next paddock despite the freezing  temperature to look for her ducklings and found one dead from cold.

It was sad to see Mother Duckie sit in front of her nest several times during the weekend.  It was almost heartbreaking to see her  circle her nest and poke around the nearby bushes and tall grass presumably looking for her ducklings.  Mother Duckie did not even come with the rest of the ducks when i called at feeding time.  I had to get to her and give her some pellets.

I know  motherhood – that state of caring, loving and nurturing –  is universal.  I know that the term mother hen comes from the fact that mother hens fuss around and protective of her chicks.

I guess missing your little ones, when they are not around is also a universal feeling.  Human beings more so because we never stop being a mother until the day we die.

In the book of Kings ( I Melachim 3:16 – 27 ), in the case of one child being claimed by two mothers, King Solomon’s  decision went in favor of  the mother who was willing to let go of the boy to the other claimant when King Solomon declared that the boy be cut in half.

As my mother used to say – a mother’s love enables her to bear the pain and to suffer in silence for the sake of her children.

13 October – Spring of 2013

Arohanui, Ohinewai


“Good Things Come in Small Packages”

My daughter named her  Cheep-Cheep, my 4-day old chick.  I picked it up from the yard on a freezing spring morning, all alone, cheep cheeping among the tall grass outside my vegetable enclosure.  I placed it inside a bird cage and position the cage in front of the fireplace by the kitchen.  I then went out to check if there were other chicks around and found three dead brothers/sisters,  two semi hatched eggs and 4 unhatched eggs.  The poor little things were left by mother hen on that frosty morning and Cheep Cheep was the only survivor!

I was so thrilled to see Cheep Cheep prancing around the cage and cheep cheeping with all its might when i got back from my search and rescue operation.  Having been in this situation before, I immediately assembled all the necessary emergency kit for my little survivor.  Water dispenser- check, feeder-check, towel for warmth- check, pieces of rags for additional cover-check, a tiny plate (in case the feeder is out of reach – check, and last but not least, a toy dog for company – check.

When i took it outside to test if any mother hen would come to its rescue, I was terribly disappointed that not one of the 24 hens took interest, so Cheep Cheep adopted a mother – me.

I took my day off to make sure that there is a loving support on hand if and when Cheep Cheep needed it.

At night  I covered the cage with a dark flannelette for  additional warmth and added a woolen beanie inside the cage.  There was also a night lamp for a continuous  warmth through the night.

Cheep Cheep likes to be held, it stops cheeping when we enclose it in our palm.

On its 4th day of adoption, Cheep Cheep made great progress.  It can now drink from the water dispenser, pick on food, play around the toy dog and hide itself inside the beanie to sleep.  Cheep Cheep now huddles itself under the toy dog for comfort at night time.

Day 5. My hear broke.  My little Cheep Cheep went to Chicken heaven.  I gave it a little kiss and held it tenderly for the last time before I buried it in my vegetable garden.  She will take care of my veges for a long long time. Thank you for the joy you have given me in the short time you stayed with me. Farewell my little sweetie, you know you were loved and you left a little scar in my heart.

Manic Monday

STA_0068 Stitch

“Why do Mondays come so fast and Fridays come so slow?”

I get to work late most Mondays.  It’s my way of giving myself a little extension of a good weekend.  But hey, take a look at the sight that greeted me on my way to work.

The fog had a lie in today, and has not moved from its lazy lounging on the ground, the sun has not turned up yet at 9:00 in the morning.  There were just a few cows grazing.  I guess I was not the only one experiencing a slow Monday

Just an ordinary grazing paddock given an extraordinary play of mid morning winter light

If I did not take this photo myself, I wouldn’t  have  believed this place is real.

It’s magic.

Frost Road, Ohinewai

Sunday, Sweet Sunday…

…. with nothing to do.

So goes the beautiful lyrics from The Flower Drum Song (Rogers & Hammerstein II)

Despite the pouring rain that started in the wee hours of the morning, and the gloomy gray clouds that decided to “park its bum”  in Hamilton and the surrounds, I still say that I spent a sweet Sunday.  I caught up with friends I have not seen for quite a while.  Am very pleased to see them again – doing well and in better shape.

Had a nice facebook chat with one of my very best friends -she is the one who has the best sister in the whole wide world,  my one and only sister –  who lives 8,o99.85 kilometres away.  Bless the modern technology which introduced  the borderless environment.

Not to mention several mini-chats and texts galore with another special friend, (her  alias is “daughter” ) who can brighten my bleakest day (or vice versa).  She needed to ring or text me because her monthly mobile package has  several  hundreds of minutes and several thousands of texts and she hates waste.

Never mind that I was not  able to spend the day in the garden as the sun decided to play tricks on me and  hid itself behind that nasty looking dark cloud labeled “Nimbus”.  Never mind that I have to make do with an unhealthy dinner in the form of sausage and left-over potato from last night.  I had a bloody good day!

My cup runneth over…

Good friends and relations are a joy forever.

nice sayings to friends | Nice Quotes About Friends And Life

A toast to  good relationships.

Arohanui Homestay, Ohinewai, New Zealand

Saturday at home…

Time at home is priceless!

Half of the day is done and have not finished a tenth of what I want to do, given the glorious sunny winter day.

The  pork is slowly roasting in the oven, the soup base is simmering its delicious aroma in the kitchen and on to the garden.

The roses, tulips, lavender and snap dragons I bought yesterday are waiting to be planted.  I started the soil  preparation of the rose bed –

The tulips –  about forty of them have to be scattered around the rose bed – should give colour in spring while the roses are not in bloom yet.

The lavender will be planted along the driveway for fragrance.

After the day’s work…

I was only able to plant three roses but did heavy pruning on 15 old rose plants.  Not giving excuses but I keep on misplacing my secateurs – drat, drat and double drat.  Big tick for the rose circle which was weeded, soil loosened and fertilised.  The rest of the roses, and the tulips, lavenders and snapdragons will be for tomorrow morning.  How much I can  achieve depends on the weather and other things tomorrow early morning.  Will be off by about 10 am  for my Woodridge schedule.  At the moment I can only wish I finish tomorrow  the task I assigned myself to do.

The pork roast was a disaster – as far as human consumption is concerned.  I followed the recipe I downloaded from the internet, but the roast ended up like salted pork.  Yuck!   So the dogs will be having a feast, but only after I have given the pork a bit of wash with water as I don’t want my dogs to get ill.  Better still just chop them and give them to the ducks and the chooks.  They will love me forever.

The soup was not bad, but then it doesn’t take rocket science to boil some pork or chicken carcass, throw in some veggies, condiments and herbs for a good stock.

I wonder where I can fit in my plan to bake pumpkin bread?  Where can I buy time I wonder?

Am torn between the kitchen and the garden, not to mention the quality time I want to spend with my dogs on weekends.

Home is where the heart is and my heart is definitely here.